Living World skills

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Throughout the first season of the Living World, we've been introduced to all manner of enemies and abilities. One potentially interesting way that ArenaNet could commemorate the defeat of Scarlet Briar and the end of this first season would be to let us players unlock and use some of those trademark abilities for ourselves. Here are a few abilities that I think could be unlocked for us all to use.

Toxic Alliance

Toxic PollenPlace a Toxic Pollen (poison field) at your location. Enemies that get too close to the pollen are afflicted with an Hallucination, either a poisonous Spider or an Ettin which knocks them to the ground.

The Toxic Alliance between the Krait and the Nightmare Court brought with them all kinds of nasty abilities, mostly involving poison and torment, but what sticks out most prominently in my mind are the Hallucinations given to those unlucky enough to get too close to a patch of Toxic Pollen. They can take one of several forms, including a Spider with a poison attack, and an Ettin which knocks players down.

Molten Alliance

Molten EffigyGrant might and fury to allies.

The Dredge and Flame Legion Charr that make up the Molten Alliance bring lots of painful skills to bear on players, including blinding ash clouds and jets of lava, but to me the most visually iconic element are the hulking Molten Effigies. While it might be considered as cheating to include a mob in a list of skills, but go with it. Although the skill sounds fairly standard, might and fury stacking are always welcome (and harder for some professions than others); the main draw to use this skill would be the animation: a ghostly, roaring Molten Effigy that appears around your character briefly. Totally badass.


Aetherized ShieldingCompletely negate damage and conditions for a brief time.

Scarlet's Tyrian sky pirate Aetherblades have, arguably, the most infuriating and annoying skillset of all of her forces. A Shocking Aura that stuns you when you attack, Arc Lightning which jumps between players, doing increasing levels of damage, and Aetherized Shielding which grants complete invulnerability. It's this last skill that I think players should be able to unlock, albeit with a fairly short duration and long cooldown.

The Orders of Tyria

While evacuating and, eventually, reclaiming Lion's Arch, members of the three Orders of Tyria sold buffs to players to help in the fight. Each of these was not only very useful, but had a distinctive animation. It would be very cool indeed if ArenaNet made versions of these skills available for players to unlock.

Priory AethershieldGenerate an aethershield. Increases toughness and vitality. Decreases duration of applied conditions by 50%.

The aethershield gives players a shimmering green forcefield and improves survivability for a short time. While it's very similar to my earlier suggestion to give players complete invulnerability via Aetherized Shielding, I see this version as having a longer duration and/or shorter cooldown and being for more general survivability, as opposed to something you might pop to soak one large hit.

Vigil ValianceGain valiance, increasing your size, power and precision.

Also, YOU TURN BIG AND RED. This is the buff that I always ran with and works for everyone as a simple ‘pop this and do more damage’ skill. It totally reminds me of using Bestial Wrath in World of Warcraft: when a big red Core Hound is sprinting towards you, you know that it's time to be somewhere else!

Quickness of WhispersGain quickness.

As above, the duration and cooldown can be manipulated to tune this skill and determine whether or not it would be useful. Some professions don't have access to quickness at all, so I think that there's definitely merit in having something as straightforward as this. When activated, players turn small and gain a hazy, distortion–like effect (and then get all stabby).