Obsidian Sanctum update

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Guild vs. Guild is getting a major boost this month in the form of changes to the Obsidian Sanctum map, ArenaNet announced today.


I wanted to let you all know about the progress we have been making on the new area in the Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle. We’ve been taking feedback and testing the area and we are planning to release the new version of the map in November, barring any unforeseen difficulties. The changes to the map will remove the Borderlands Bloodlust buff from players in the map and will introduce a brand new area of the map laid out for large player fights. We are also adding the map to the dropdown menu so that players will be more quickly able to enter the map from anywhere, without being required to load into Eternal Battlegrounds.

We hope these changes will create a better WvW experience for everyone while providing a space for players to explore the large scale fights that have organically grown up around the game.

I, personally, would like to give thanks to the WvW team which has done a ton of great work in a very short period of time to make this happen quickly and to accommodate the feedback we have received. We hope you enjoy the new space and thanks for playing!

Devon Carver WvW Coordinator

The Borderlands Bloodlust buff is going away in order to level the playing field, and I think it's going to be interesting to see how much this new area is used for co–ordinated GvG battles, or whether player ingenuity will make other uses of it. I can already see server commanders barking orders and using Obsidian Sanctum to run rookies through their paces in WvW Bootcamp.