Points of Interest, Feb 11

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Hosted by Rubi Bayer, with Nellie Hughes and David Webb.

No PvP 101 today since it's a bonus show.

They’re back in the Verdant Brink today to talk about a couple of Mastery tracks: gliding and mushrooms. Option to open the glider up after jumping off of a cliff. Mastery points earned from exploration and adventures. Gliding is unlocked this way and can be upgraded to increase duration and the ability to use updrafts to get to new areas. Gliding has an endurance meter which runs down as you fly around. We’ll get our first point when we enter Heart of Maguuma so that we earn progression while playing the new content. All abilities will be unlocked account-wide. Mastery system will be rolled out in Tyria at the same time, and will include unlocking collections that lead towards earning legendary precursors. This system is going to be one of the major pillars going forwards and will be extended through content patches, such as the Living World.

Spotted a new sub–zone: Vine Filled Abyss. Glider can be released and then reapplied in mid–air: “just takes practice”. Gliding appears to only go down unless you find updrafts to launch you higher. The idea is that exploration abilities will give you the ability to get more points, and upgrade, and get more points, etc. Metroidvania progression system, which they’ve mentioned before. Updrafts will fill up your gliding endurance bar. Gliding will be available in the beta test at PAX East (and, presumably, EGX Rezzed). Endurance bar looks like it refills as you plummet through the air.

There will be parts of events that you won’t be able to get to without unlocked/upgraded abilities. You’ll need those in order to get gold on some events, which should encourage replay. Various types of mushrooms to use. Speed. Healing. Jumping. Skill recharge. Not a hotbar skill, but something in the world that can play into the strategy of overcoming certain challenges. Lore masteries will enable us to trade with friendly races, and can lead to unlocking new areas, e.g. through using sigils/runes that are unlocked.

Some new Mordrem enemies will be unbeatable unless you or someone in the group have certain masteries unlocked, most likely tied to lore. Piercing hardened armor. “Earn the points, earn the ability, then come back and do the challenge”. Perfect example of how meaningful progression will be added to the game for and beyond Heart of Thorns. Not necessarily always new lines but new abilities. Extendible platform for adding to areas of the game. Mastery will be shown in the nameplate as a number of points. Bragging rights/open world leaderboard. Considered to be like the world complete star that we already have.