Points of Interest, Feb 6

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Hosted by Rubi Bayer, with Steve Hwang, and Anthony Ordon

Looks like we start in the jungle summit with the wrecked Pact Fleet: Verdant Brink. Working through the Pale Reaver outpost events that were mentioned in the week. Pulling in what worked well from season two. Map wide objectives. This map focuses on getting ready for a Mordrem attack at night. Almost everything in the new maps will be contributing/themed around the map-wide objective so that everyone is working towards the same goal. Number of outposts on the new map; some claimed, others not. Outputs designed to give players more agency in controlling the map; could result in you holding part of the map for over an hour. Focusing on telling stories with a smaller cast of persistent characters. We're seeing the first area in the expansion where Laranthir crash landed. Mordrem creatures which spawn minions. 'Mordrem Court' sylvari enemy spotted. 'Mordrem Guard Sniper' that was humanoid but didn't necessarily look sylvari.

Adventures! Has a banner in the world like guild missions. They have a map icon. Definitely an evolution of renown hearts in the base game. Lots of different kinds of game content could be adventures, including activities like the shooting gallery that was mentioned before release. Think of them as performance-based personal challenges. Sounds like there will be leaderboards, at least in-guild. Standing by the wreck of a Pact ship, which still has some supplies in it. Running around torching vines with a flamethrower in a given time. Everything is personal; no sniping of enemies or resources. Really reminds me of challenge events in Wildstar. Getting a good score in this adventure is down to being quick and learning where the vines spawn. Hopefully most adventures will have an element of tension that isn't just the time limit. Talk of 'unlocking the map' which definitely leans towards the new zones being paywalled, as expected. Adventures can be ended early and you get an instant retry. The idea is that these will help to make the new maps really replayable. Map content should be "deep and dense". This will be part of the demo at PAX East.

Masteries! Nothing today, but there will be a bonus episode of Points of Interest next Wednesday at noon PST to show gliding and mushroom jumping.

Twitter picked up on the fact that the warrior that was being played had a second burst skill above their action bar. There was also a 'New Year of the Ram' event showing top-right, which is likely to be coming up soon. We also caught a glimpse at the Revenant class icon after the dev client crashed!