Reddit round-up

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I'm a daily reader of /r/Guildwars2/ sub–Reddit, and thought that it would be worthwhile to highlight a handful of posts that I found interesting or helpful. Feel free to get in touch if you want to put forward something that I might have missed.

Engineer or Space Marine? Pretty pleased with my new look and thought i'd share posted by Kendro_Boudrizmo

A bunch of people, myself included, are using the new full–face gas mask rewarded for completing the Tower of Nightmares meta achievement to look badass. I particularly like this look, and have something very similar.

What would you do with 20,000 Gems? posted by proteininja

What would you spend a whole bunch of gems on? If your luck is anything like mine (or kaitoa's) then gambling on Black Lion Chest keys may not be the sure–fire way to get rich quick that you're hoping for.

[Question]Engineer Kit-dps and Ascended Weapons posted by Flaki

I've included this largely because it's relevant to my interests, having just finished levelling and gearing up an engineer, but also because it might be something that people aren't aware of. tl;dr is that engineer kits don't scale up to ascended stats, so it's probably only worth thinking about if you're running an SD rifle spec, or something weapon–focused with power as the main stat.

[Drop Research] Guild has been calculating the drop rates of items from the fractal daily chest for a couple of weeks, here are our results posted by DanDaze

In the run up to what is expected to be a Fractals update patch next week, DanDaze and his guild have made public the results of tracking what dropped from runs at various level brackets. While the percentage breakdowns aren't all that surprising, it also gave rise to the fact that one of the players contributing "runs 6–7 48s a day". Wow.