That’s flippin’ teamwork

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This lunch time I hopped onto my lv65 ranger to do a spot of leveling in Sparkfly Fen, and saw a couple of people talking in map chat about the fact that Tequatl was due to spawn shortly. I made my way over and found a few people tagged up and explaining the key parts of the encounter for anyone who didn't know it already. Sure enough, the fight started and everyone did what they were supposed to. Map chat was largely free of antagonising, and with five minutes to spare we killed the dragon and collected our loot.

It’s not the first time that I’ve completed this fight in a non–pre made group, but continues to surprise and impress me. Sure, it's been out long enough that most people should know what they’re doing by now, but it nevertheless takes coordination, and can go wrong quickly if people don't do what they’re supposed to. It makes me really happy to see this sort of team play coming together organically, and has always been one of the stand–out things about Guild Wars 2. Long may it continue!